About Me

Hi! I’m Russ.

I am a father of two, husband to one, and I sell real estate in Savannah, GA.

I grew up in Los Angeles and lived there for over 30 years.  It was a city I never thought I’d ever leave.  Until I met the woman I would end up marrying – who told me that she had no desire to stay.  Naturally, I thought she was crazy.  But in the Summer of 2015, my wife, young son, dog, and I sold our house in Los Angeles and packed up all our remaining belongings to start a new life somewhere else.  By January 2016, we had found ourselves settled in coastal Georgia; beginning life again as residents of Savannah – the state’s oldest city.

We had many ups and downs over the last few years, and after the birth of our second son, I realized that we were actually putting down roots here.  As a completely different kind of adult, I am sharing my stories with you…