7 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Savannah

Location, location, location! Whether you are visiting Savannah for a weekend or planning to relocate for work, choosing the place – the actual geographic location – for your time here ultimately depends on how easily accessible your favorite destinations are. For those who put a priority on restaurants, bars, shopping, and culture, walkability is your top consideration. Here are some great Savannah neighborhoods that rank high in walkability:

7. Victory Heights

2300 Block of East 42nd Street – Victory Heights

A more diverse neighborhood than most in Savannah, Victory Heights sits just north of Victory Drive near Bonaventure Cemetery. This community consists of just 25 blocks of great starter homes; mostly 2 or 3 bedroom bungalows dating back to the 1940s-50s all surrounding a central neighborhood park. Residents may be young couples new to the neighborhood, or 40-year mainstays that have seen the community change over the decades passed.

  • Eats & Drinks: Taqueria La Canasta #2, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A
  • Shopping: Target, Home Depot, Whole Foods
  • Culture: Bonaventure Cemetery
Victory Heights Park – Savannah, GA


6. Baldwin Park

600 Block of East 41st Street – Baldwin Park

Looking for a large Craftsman manor? How about a small bungalow? Big yard? Small yard? It doesn’t matter, because Baldwin Park has it all. Situated north of Victory Drive across from Ardsley Park, Baldwin offers a diverse and hip alternative to its southern neighbor. The community’s namesake park is located directly in the center at Atlantic & 41st, and acts as the social hub for all the residents’ kids. Members of the neighborhood can range from Army Captains, to SCAD professors, to career musicians.

  • Eats & Drinks: Green Truck Pub, Al Salaam Deli
  • Shopping: Yia Yia’s Kitchen
  • Recreation: Daffin Park
Baldwin Park – Savannah, GA


5. Bingville

Corner of West 50th Street & Barnard St – Bingville

Yes, yes… Bingville. Often overlooked when thinking of a desirable mid-Savannah neighborhood, this little enclave boasts a stacked deck of surprises and value. It sits directly across Bull Street from Ardlsey Park, and will cost a home buyer about half as much for a great starter home… and even less for a fixer-upper. Residents of this established neighborhood tend to skew older, however a younger crowd is moving in due to its proximity to a gentrifying arts & music scene.

  • Eats & Drinks: El Coyote, The Atlantic, Bobo Seafood (get the low country boil)
  • Shopping: Two Women and a Warehouse, Canine Palace
  • On a Dare: Black Orchid Tattoo


4. Beach Institute

500 Block of East Gaston Street – Beach Institute

Initially built to house railroad workers in the mid-19th Century, Beach Institute is that narrow strip of wood framed homes to the very east of the Landmark and Victorian historic districts. It is the most affordable neighborhood in the historic downtown area, one of the most quiet, and it’s very easy to find parking. Don’t sleep on Beach Institute.

  • Eats & Drinks: Clary’s, Maté Factor, Screamin’ Mimi’s, Ta Ca
  • Shopping: Kroger, Jonnie Ganem
  • Culture: African American Cultural Center, King Tisdell Cottage


3. Victorian District (East/West)

400 Block of East Huntingdon St

Forsyth Park sits in the middle of these neighborhoods; both packed with some of the most amazing examples of high Victorian architecture. In addition to amazing sights, you’ll find sprinklings of great restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and tons and tons of history. Of course, on a warm Spring or Summer day, you may just stay at the park and play frisbee… your call.

  • Eats & Drinks: Local 11ten, The Sentient Bean, Betty Bombers, Fork and Dagger
  • Shopping: Brighter Day, Kroger, White Wale Craft Ales
  • Recreation: Forsyth Park, Farmer’s Market, Grand Bohemian Gallery
Mansion on Forsyth Park – 700 Drayton Street, Savannah, GA

https://www.walkscore.com/GA/Savannah/Victorian_District-East / https://www.walkscore.com/GA/Savannah/Victorian_District-West

2. Starland District (Metropolitan & Thomas Square)

The Gingerbread House, Foxy Loxy Cafe, Wax and Wane – 1900 Block of Bull Street

Depending on who you ask, you may hear that the Starland District is a shining example of successful and sustainable gentrification in a once neglected neighborhood. Or, you may hear that it’s elevating property values and isolating established residents in favor of catering to students and artist types. Either way, there is no shortage of excitement and mischief one can indulge in as possibilities abound in this central Savannah community. The population is mixed, the architecture is Craftsman, and your journey awaits in Starland.

  • Eats & Drinks: The Vault, Two Tides Brewing Co., Back In The Day Bakery, Bull Street Taco
  • Shopping: The Rat, Graveface Records, House of Strut
  • Culture: The Gingerbread House, Bull Street Library, First Friday Art March
Starlandia Art Supply – 2438 Bull Street

https://www.walkscore.com/GA/Savannah/Thomas_Square / https://www.walkscore.com/GA/Savannah/Metropolitan

1. Landmark Historic District

0 Block of East Jones Street – Downtown Savannah

Of course, Downtown Savannah is obviously the most walkable part of this historic city. From River Street to Gwinnett, and from MLK to East Broad, no single concentration of square footage is more abundant with things to do, food to eat, drinks to … well… drink, and so on. If you fancy a museum, you can pick from over a dozen. Find yourself wanting to experience some culture and/or history in the early evening? Perhaps a ghost tour would be right up your alley (pun definitely intended). The shops are on Broughton, the bars are on Congress, and the food is everywhere. Don’t forget your “to-go” cup if you plan to drink an adult beverage while taking in the scenery.

  • Eats & Drinks: Six Pence Pub, The Gray, Alley Cat Lounge, Circa 1875
  • Shopping: The Salt Table, Nour-Ish, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar, Savannah Bee Company
  • Culture: American Prohibition Museum, Telfair Academy & Museums, Owens-Thomas House, Sorrel Weed House
100 Block of West Broughton Street – Downtown Savannah
400 Block of West Congress St – Downtown Savannah


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