Savannah’s Six Best New Restaurants

It is an exciting time to be living in Savannah! Travel & Leisure recently named us one of the “Best Cities in the US.” A new music venue, Victory North, is bringing in exciting musical talent. The Grey won a James Beard award. New stores, breweries, and bars are opening monthly. And the dining options just keep getting better and better.

Savannah’s food scene has been on the rise for many years. No longer Charleston’s little sister in the food world, Savannah is making a name for itself in its own right. Renowned chefs and food groups are targeting the city, and opening creative, fresh dining options for Savannahians and tourists alike to enjoy.

Check out these six new restaurants calling Savannah home.

1. Squirrel’s Pizza – Chris Dickerson of Corner Taco in Jacksonville makes his Savannah debut with Squirrel’s Pizza in the Starland district. The sleek bar/restaurant features a tastefully arranged gallery wall of squirrel art and even better eats. The pizza is pretty delicious, but I strongly recommend trying any of the sandwiches. The minted Boursin melts down over tender cuts of beef or lamb onto soft, toasty Gottlieb’s brioche buns. They are worth the departure from pizza.  

2. Big Bon Bodega – Anna and Kay Heritage of Big Bon Pizza have moved things from their famous food truck to brick and mortar with Bodega, their home-baked bagel shop. The bright, airy shop on Bull and 37th in Starland features a menu of breakfast bagel sandwiches on made-in-house bagels. Try the classic 912 to get your breakfast sammie fix.

3. Starland Yard – There’s something happening next to Two Tides Brewing, and it’s going to be tasty. Starland Yard is Savannah’s first food truck park. Built with recycled shipping containers and painted by local muralists, the park will feature Pizzeria Vittoria Napoletana, the latest concept from Savannah chef Kyle Jacovino, among others.

4. The Fat Radish – Chef Nick Wilber comes to Savannah with the Fat Radish team from New York by way of Charleston. His menu has something for everyone – your dad who just wants a steak, your teenage cousin going through a vegan phase, your aunt who’s perpetually on a diet, even your sober curious college bestie (they have some sophisticated mocktails on the menu). The menu is wide-ranging and varied and features the best Scotch Egg I’ve ever tasted.

5. Coco & Moss – Savannah has been wanting for a good sushi/Asian fusion restaurant for a while now, and Coco & Moss delivers. The name derives from coconut, a flavor familiar to tropical, South Asian cooking, and moss of the Spanish moss variety. It blends Savannah’s sensibility with a menu of sushi, poke bowls, and creative salads. With a number of vegan and gluten-free options, Coco & Moss is another destination with something for everyone.

6. The Grey Market – Can’t afford a full nine-course, tasting menu at The Grey? Check out The Grey Market for a quick bite or a sophisticated lunch. The bodega-inspired shop offers a Mashama Bailey menu at a lunch counter along with sundry sweets, deli meats, wine, and local beer.

So many new options. So many good eats. Check out one of these hot new spots on your next night out or your next visit to the Hostess City.