Where to Live: Five Reasons to Pick Isle of Hope

Narrow roads skirting salt marshes lined with towering, twisting live oaks define Isle of Hope. Kids ride bikes through the neighborhood and residents enjoy a peaceful, secluded waterfront community where the scenery is the main attraction. 

Nestled between the Wormsloe Historic Site and the Skidaway River, Isle of Hope is known for its historic homes, charm, and beauty. Named L’Isle d’Esperance by the French, the island is really a peninsula bounded by water on most sides. The small community of 2,600 enjoys a knowing camaraderie that they live in one of the best hidden gems in Savannah. 

Once a quiet fishing village with only one road in and out, Isle of Hope continues to maintain an easy, laid-back, provincial atmosphere where kids can play outside without restriction and families feel comfortable leaving the door open in the evenings. 

Isle of Hope is certainly one of the last vestiges of the kind of Lowcountry community where life was lived by the changing of the tides. Read on to find out our top five reasons to pick Isle of Hope if you’re visiting or home shopping in Savannah.

1. Salt Breezes and Boat Launches

Walkability and access to amenities may be low, but water access and plentiful docks and boat launches make up for it. It’s a perfect place for kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders to launch and boaters to dock their vessels. 

2. Tight-Knit Community

I’m not sure it can be said enough – Isle of Hope is close-knit. The small population means the community is strong. Expect a friendly welcome where everyone will soon know your name, your kids ages, and your dog’s favorite toy.

3. History

Bordering Wormsloe Historic Site, Isle of Hope has its fair share of history. Legend has it pirates used the island to hide their caches, and plenty of Isle of Hope’s children still search for the treasure today. 

4. Recreation

The marina, pavilion, and neighborhood park form the triad of attractions where most residents flock for recreation. Spend an afternoon sipping sweet tea on the dock or cruising the rivers in search of dolphins and wildlife. 

5. Quite, Relaxed, and Tucked Away

LaRoche Avenue to the northeast and Skidaway Road to the southwest form the two inroads to the peninsula. As such, no one just “drives through” Isle of Hope. The neighborhood is about 10 miles from downtown Savannah, but truly feels a world away.

The homes along Bluff Drive and near the river are older and parcels are large and pie-shaped. Today, expect your piece of that pie to cost $500,000 or more. As the secret of Isle of Hope got out, more development took place along the northern end of the community and the ubiquitous brick ranch became a fixture. These homes today will sell for between $300,000 and $400,000.