Where to Live: Five Reasons to Pick the Victorian District

Packed with some of the most amazing examples of high Victorian architecture in the city, the Victorian district is located south of the National Landmark Historic District between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Broad Street to the east and west. It stretches south to Anderson Street. 

In addition to spectacular sights, you’ll find great restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and tons and tons of history. Of course, on a warm Spring or Summer day, you may just stay at the park and play frisbee… your call.

Shops and restaurants surround the park – the Savannah Yoga Center, Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, Le Chai Wine Boutique, and White Whale Craft Ales are all within walking distance. The Victorian District is also home to the only full-size grocery store downtown. 

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park sits in the middle of the Victorian District. With tennis courts, basketball courts, multiple playgrounds, and a one-mile sidewalk surrounding it, Forsyth park has lots of space and opportunities to work out or just hang out. It also features a large amphitheater that plays host to the Savannah Jazz Festival and Picnic in the Park

Gorgeous Homes

The Victorian District features the best examples of, you guessed it, Victorian architecture in the city. Turrets, elaborate details and accents, stained glass windows, and gingerbread trim exemplify the style. If you’re looking to buy a piece of real estate in this sought after slice of the city, expect to pay for it. Condos will start above $200,000 and should provide enough space for one or two people.  If your needs require more square footage or amenities (parking, yard space, etc.), then be prepared to double that figure for a more spacious residence. Of course, if money is no object, there are always grand restorations of beautiful Victorian townhouses available for over $500,000, and some of the detached homes will exceed $1 million. There are even luxurious new construction options being built today and offered in that same range as well.


Boutiques and independently run shops dot the streets in the Victorian District. Score a vintage find at The Future on Forsyth. Grab lunch or groceries at Brighter Day Natural Foods Market. Pick up a bottle of wine for a picnic in the park at Le Chai Wine Boutique. Or immerse yourself in the metaphysical at Ordinary Magic. 


From high end formal dining to a quick bite, the Victorian District has everything. Dine in style at the Mansion on Forsyth. Grab brunch at The Sentient Bean. Hang out with a tequila and a taco at Bull Street Taco or enjoy a drink at the Perch rooftop deck at Local 11/Ten.


As Savannah grew in the 1800s, it spread south from the Landmark Historic District to form the Victorian District. The neighborhood was designed without the signature squares that define downtown and was known as a streetcar suburb at the time. It’s known as Savannah’s first suburb, although that designation in our modern definition could go to Ardsley Park just as easily. The area was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Many homes had fallen into disrepair and massive investment, reconstruction and remodeling efforts starting in the 1960s brought them back to their former glory. Check out the placards on many of the structures to get a sense of history and family names that once occupied the historic homes.