Seven Ways to Find Homegrown Produce in Savannah (Hint: It’s Not at the Grocery Store)

The climate in Savannah makes for a long growing season lasting from early March to late November. Home gardeners and farmers are sometimes able to get two harvests out of certain fruits and vegetables – one in spring and one in fall.

If you live in the city of Savannah, you may not have the space to plant a lush and productive backyard garden, but there’s no need to go without fresh, homegrown produce just because you’re an urbanite. Savannah is home to a number of thriving community gardens where you can claim a raised bed of your own to cultivate whatever your veggie-loving heart desires.

If you’re new to gardening, they are also a great place to connect with people who really know their stuff when it comes to planting in Savannah. These old salts of the garden variety have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to, say, choosing the right kind of tomatoes for spring and fall or making a trellis for pole beans. And they love to share the tricks of their trade.

Ready to turn that black thumb green? Here are seven of the best community gardens in Savannah.

MetroStar Garden, 38th Street between Barnard and Whitaker

OccuGardens, 39th Street between Drayton and Abercorn

Midtown Miracle Garden, Abercorn and 64th Street

Feiler Park Community Garden, 601 W. 57th Street

Victory Heights Community Garden, 2309 Margaret Street

Whitemarsh Community Garden, 104 Penrose Drive

West Broad YMCA, 110 May Street

The best way to reach these gardens is through their Facebook pages or websites, linked above. You can also check out the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance website for a map of all community gardens in Savannah and their contact information.