Where to Live: Five Reasons to Pick the Starland District

In my humble opinion, Starland is the best neighborhood in Savannah (and that’s not just because I live here). Hi, I’m Molly, contributing writer here at tanktopwinter. I had just one day to make a decision on where to live in Savannah after my husband was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design for a master’s program. We were moving from out of state, and we landed in Starland mainly by dumb luck – it was close to downtown and in our price range.

With the benefit of a few years, I now have a whole slew of reasons to live here. I’m sharing my top five so that you, the more discerning home-seekers and visitors among us, can come prepared.

Here are my top five reasons to visit or buy in the Starland District:

1. Location – The boundaries of Starland are a topic of debate, but essentially they are Victory Drive to the south, Anderson Drive to the north, Broad Street to the west, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to the east. Starland is walking or biking distance to downtown, but still removed from the bachelorette parties and horse-drawn buggies of the Historic District. It is no more than 15 minutes driving distance from pretty much any amenity or attraction in Savannah. And it’s filled with locally-owned businesses, but still not far from Target (you can get excellent coffee down the street, but you still need filters to make it).

2. Culture – Starland is close to the Historic District as well as Savannah College of Art and Design, yet still affordable (for now). That one-two punch of location and price has made the Starland District a magnet for artsy types. The neighborhood is home to the First Friday Art March, a walking tour of local businesses, galleries, restaurants, and a plethora of art openings. If you are at all creative, you will find your people here. It’s nearly impossible not to.

3. Local businesses – In the past three years (2016 – 2019), the neighborhood has seen more than 13 new businesses set up shop on its tree-shaded streets. Here are some of the best (some are new, some have been here for a while):

Foxy Loxy – Foxy is a Savannah coffee institution and a mainstay of the Starland District located on Bull and 36th streets. It features a tex-mex menu, bakery case full of treats, locally-made PERC coffee, and a shaded back patio. Get your caffeine fix to-go or bring a laptop or a friend and spend a few hours.

Bull Street Taco – Bull Street Taco opened in 2017, and quickly became a Starland destination. It has a distinctly So-Cal-inspired vibe and menu, with requisite fish and shrimp tacos alongside more creative taco incarnations.

Green Truck – You can’t talk about Starland without mentioning Green Truck, and for good reason. The burger joint has been voted Best of Savannah for many years running.

Big Bon Bodega – A newcomer to the neighborhood, but one that is familiar to Savannahians, Big Bon Bodega is the brick-and-mortar home for Kay and Anna Heritage’s Big Bon Food Truck.

Lonewolf Lounge – Another newcomer, Lonewolf is the wood-paneled, 70’s-style, craft-cocktail slingling, friendly neighborhood watering hole that Starland didn’t know it was missing.

Le Chai – Le Chai, a galerie du vin, is not TECHNICALLY in Starland, but I love it too much not to mention it. Owner Christian Depken stocks his shelves with Old World wines from famed and unknown vintners of Europe. Ask him for a recommendation – he personally selected every bottle in the shop.

The Atlantic – When you want more of an upscale but still casual dining experience, head to The Atlantic for their ever-changing menu and impressive wine list.

Emily McCarthy – Emily McCarthy’s shop bursts with Southern charm and bespoke party accoutrement. Visit to find all things pink, pastel, and bedecked with pineapples.

Urban Poppy – Buy a mod vase at Emily McCarthy, then stop by this floral design studio and botanical boutique just down the street to fill it.

Bell Barber – Located next to Bull Street Taco, Bell Barber is the place to get a snappy men’s cut, a shave, and, of course, an adult beverage while you wait.

Graveface Records – On Saturday mornings you’ll find a line of music heads waiting outside of Graveface for fresh vinyl. Check out their bargain bin for weird and wacky selections.

Two Tides Brewing – Last but definitely not least, Two Tides Brewing really rounds out the lineup of great businesses in the Starland neighborhood. They offer new craft beer selections every week and frequently host community block parties at their 41st and Whitaker location.

4. Home prices – Investment is increasing and driving up home costs, but it is still possible to find condos in the $200,000 and $300,00 range and free-standing homes between $250,000 – $400,000 (for now), depending on how much renovation you can tolerate. I know this because, if I had my way, my recent home search would have literally been the five-block radius surrounding my apartment.

5. Attractive streets and homes – The housing stock in Starland was primarily built after the turn of the century through the peak of residential development in the 1920s. This makes for attractive, Victorian-style two-story homes as well as sprawling Neoclassical Revival mansions with Craftsmans thrown in for good measure.

The benefits outweigh the drawbacks for me and for an increasing number of home- and apartment-seekers in Savannah. The area has seen rapid growth and development in the short three years I’ve called it home, and I can only see it going up from here.

But is Starland for everyone? No. If you’re looking to buy in an up-and-coming (already up, perhaps?) walkable neighborhood with grand, character-filled (read: aging) homes, Starland is for you. However, it lacks back yards, and front yards for that matter. The lots are small. And people will tell you there’s more crime than other neighborhoods, although that has not been my experience.